Home Topographies

A series of sculptural investigations of place, using physical geography as a lens to view the “character” of location I have called home.


Home Topographies

 2004-2007, Steel,  3’5- 7’ tall


Using the topographic elevation lines of various places as a template to cut shapes out of steel and create exaggerated physical maps of these places.  As a means to understand place I took on the physical character of geography, imbuing it with body language/ gesture, architecture, and movement or allusion to change. These pieces miniaturized the geographic scale and place it in a human scale.



Relative Locality

2008,  Steel,  7” to 20”  tall

Description:This series of pieces studies topography as a means of understanding location. Taking the shapes delineated by the elevation lines, and constructing direct three-dimensional representation of these maps, with each layer representing one hundred feet of elevation.

As a group, Relative Locality with the height of each piece in proportion to that locations elevation, creates locational stepping-stones, describing path and place.