Hornell Art Walk

Hornell Art Walk An ongoing project to activate vacant or under-utilized public space in Hornell NY. Currently a collaboration between Alfred University’s Space and Place class and other Artists and groups in the Hornell area, The Hornell Art Walk involves site-specific projects, exhibitions in unused spaces, performances, interactions, and open-studios. Creating a meeting point for the population of students from Alfred university, and local residents and Artists. Now (2015) in its fifth year:

2011 originated by Kevin Jacobs and Chase Angier involving 4 locations downtown

2012 organized by Chase Angier, Brett Hunter, with 13 Locations,

2013 organized by Brett Hunter with 23 artists in 18 locations,

2014 organized by Brett Hunter with 50+ artists in 14 locations,

2015 organized by Brett Hunter with 40+ artists in 14 locations