The Line Project

The Line Project
in collaboration with Michelle Illuminato
2009-ongoing; Interactive workshop on Territorial Exploration. For complete information visit the documentary blog:

A series of workshops that engage participants in territorial investigation, research, and creative communication as a means for
understanding their location, experience, and society. Based on the progression of ideas: Explore, Observe, Collect, Analyze, Edit, Organize,
Communicate, and making use of and imaginary line 5 feet wide and 1 mile long as a common space for research, this project guides
participates through focused experiential interacts with the world around them. Starting with basic concepts in experiential research,
participants take part in a variety of investigations and activities that specifically target different aspects of the research process and
culminate in the application and sharing of the knowledge gleaned in creative ways. The participants of the workshop keep individual
blogs throughout the process that chart their progress, ideas, and projects; while providing an archive of their experience and a means
of sharing their projects, knowledge, and understanding with a larger audience.