Chapter X

Collaboration with Michelle Illuminato

This project was completed as part of ExplorArt 2010, a residency and exhibition at AreaOdeon Contemporary Art in Monza, Italy.

Considering the scale of history and the remove of a tourist perspective, we have drawn inspiration from the investigation of a 19th century English tourist guidebook to construct a contemporary tour of Monza, Italy.  Removing all of the object and place words from this text, we used this comprehensive list as a map to explore the everyday reality of a journey through the city.  The search for and documentation of new and different examples of these words allowed us to be ‘lost’ in the present of our experience, noticing  the details normally passed over,  and with the constant refrain of the list going through our heads and acting as a lens to focus our exploration:

“…columns, lions, gilt figure, door, dove, vase, mouth, water, head, crown, altar, tree, cross, transept, passenger, spot, dwelling-place…”

This experiential map combines an altered version of the original text of the tour, the recitation of the list of extracted words, and a slideshow of 216 images documenting the contemporary examples gleaned from our travels in and around the city of Monza.

Images: 9 of 217 slides; installation views

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