72 Hour Interactions

Organized by 72 Hour Urban Action and Invisible Playground

Collaboration with Anne-Laure Gestering, Chris Parson, Juan Esteban, Denise Winter, Julia Borchardt, David Del Valle, Frederik De Smedt, Fabio Lopez, Kim Dallarmi, Lesley Bain, and Joe Iano. 

A World Championship of Gameful Architecture in Witten, Germany.  A part of a 12 person team made up of  international artists, architects, designers, and local residents we had 72 hours to design, engineer, and build a gameful architectural response to a given site.  Each one of five teams was given a public site and a mission.  With a neglected patch of asphalt as our site and a mission to “create a livable border” we set to work.  

For more information and image on the entire event visit: 72hourinteractions.com

all photos by Joe Iano

IANO_20140726_174748_DSC_3678 IANO_20140726_160640_DSC_3467 IANO_20140726_154712_DSC_3455 IANO_20140727_144121_DSC_0825.2 from PS tiff IANO_20140727_161641_DSC_0839 IANO_20140726_141404_DSC_3417