Broadway Union



2013, ongoing project in Hornell, NY.


Broadway Projects/ Union Studios (Broadway Union) is both an arts programing organization and set of physical spaces dedicated to linking artists and their work with the varied communities of people and organizations in Hornell, NY.   Providing artists with project and exhibition support, studio/work/ exhibition space, event production, and connecting projects and communities through local partnerships, Broadway Union is dedicated to the creation of cultural programing that explores the impact of committed citizens on the places they live.

Since 2014, with the Broadway Union building as a base of operation, we have been able to generate grant funding and support several ambitious projects in the city of Hornell including:

  • Jung A Woo’s LOFT Shadow Theater which involved the creation of the 90-foot-long inflatable structure and projection screen that was installed for public interaction at two locations downtown.
  • Jonas Sebura’s Listening to Here which built a mobile radio station that traveled around town broadcasting stories and interviews created by students from the Hornell Public Schools.
  • Working with Andrew Oesch on a project that partnered with the Erie Depot Museum, public schools, and the Hornell Community Arts Center. This project included exhibitions and workshops that combine the history of Hornell with imaginative investigation of possible futures for the city designed by multiple constituencies.



Exhibition- ArtWalk 2014