Mapping Future Histories of Hornell

Collaboration with Andrew Oesch



An interactive exhibition at the Hornell Community Arts Center that considers the past, observes the present, and imagines the future of Hornell.

Featuring a 16 foot, three-dimensional panorama of Hornell illustrated with stories collected from local residents of all ages.

Stories are powerful. The stories we tell together, that we generate together, form the basis of our social relationships, our sense of belonging, and our communities. Designed by artists Andrew Oesch and Brett Hunter, Mapping Future Histories of Hornell is essentially a project in collaborative storytelling, using personal recollection to create a dialogue about how we live with one another, how we live with the past, and how we imagine the future.

As a part of the Mapping Future Histories exhibition, we will be collecting historic items or pictures for the City of Hornell Archive. Do you have objects or images that should be preserved or remembered? Bring your own pieces of Hornell’s history to the Arts Center. All donated Items will be cataloged, displayed in the exhibition, and then moved to the City Archive or the Erie Museum.

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Exhibition includes:

  • Sculptural map table with projected maps of historical Hornell, and interactive sculptural components.
  • Display of building models and Hornell story performances created by students in the Hornell After School Program.
  • Display of and collection site for pieces of Hornell’s history
  • Interactive displays allow you to contribute your stories of Hornell, imagine the city’s future, and view elements of stories collected from local residents.

This project is made possible, in part, with public funds administered by The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes and funded by the New York State Council on the Arts