Brett Hunter is an artist, educator, and facilitator recently relocated to Chattanooga, TN. He is dedicated to building partnerships between institutions, individuals, and communities. Brett is trained as a sculptor, building contractor, historian, and teacher. He combines these experiences to develop creative methods to engage the people and infrastructure of a place. He works across civic and educational institutions to create community-based arts organizations and programing that engage people of all ages.

As an educator, Brett has over two decades of experience teaching public, research-based, contextual, and socially engaged art, and is dedicated to bringing students out of the school and into the street. As a facilitator, he served as the director the Hornell Community Arts Center in upstate New York and is the co-founder (with Angie To) of Broadway Union, an arts programing organization and set of physical spaces, in Hornell, NY, dedicated to linking artists and their work with the varied communities of Hornell.

As an artist, Brett has work in a wide variety of public venues, and is dedicated to working collaboratively with other artists and communities. From 2014- 2019, Brett collaborated with Andrew Oesch as Ghost and Robot, working on mapping, storytelling, bookmaking, and future envisioning projects with multi-generational groups from after school programs, public school classes, summer arts programs, community centers, and other community institutions. Currently, since 2014, Brett also works as a part of the collaborative Like Riding a Bicycle with Katie Hargrave. Like Riding a Bicycle creates interactive projects that allow groups of all ages and backgrounds to visualize their own knowledge in order to build both individual and collective power, develop connections within their communities, and think beyond the expected. Working in a variety of cities around the United States, Like Riding a Bicycle collaborates with local partners to create public engagement events, installation, publications, creative tools, and programing.




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