Six Thoughts

6 Thoughts On My Interests And Goals:

  1. Awareness, Exploration, and Place.  My work, at the most basic level, stems from a fascination with the world around me.   Awareness that minute and mundane details can tell profound stories.  A desire to notice connections that exist between place, identity, history, and present realities.  A belief that the best way to understand something is to experience it, to be there, to document, and to reflect.
  2. The personal in political, the local is global.  In creating work that engages an audience in local surrounds I have an opportunity to generate a connection to larger issues through the discussion of individual experience.  Making societal observations into shared personal experience.
  3.  The Poetics of Notice.  Connection to the physical reality, emotional significance, and historical context of a place connects other people.  Awareness is key to social improvement, by generating awareness of a given phenomenon, place, context, etc. I can increase the general level of awareness in society (one person at a time)
  4. History tells us who we are, and why we are who we are.  Most art has a basis in a search for identity, connection to the larger societal narrative.  My work seeks this connection through very direct means, research of actual realities and translation of observation into communicated perspective.  We investigate our own identity through the study of the contexts in which we live.
  5. Broader audience, larger impact.  Through the use of a variety of forms (historic, scientific, social, etc., etc.) and a variety of means (internet, exhibitions, performance, event, etc.) I seek to increase the audience/ venue for the ideas.  Increasing opportunities for dialogue, understanding, and impact.  The goal is communication.  The means should therefore maximize communication in a significant and meaningful way.
  6. Finding islands in the ocean of information.  This work bridges a temporal gap.  Combining an antique sense of history and locality with a contemporary technology, research, and presentation.  As a society we have access to tremendous and overwhelming information, so how do we connect to a simple truth within this?  I create resting places for individuals and groups in this sea of relentless information and spin.  A time/space to consider, contemplate, become aware of our surrounding, contexts, present.  Finding the moment in the momentary.